Have you ever played to an old game called bomberman or Dynablaster? Maybe you have played long and fun parties with friends with this short and simple concept but so fun?
No? So let me explain quickly.

Dybleweb is a bomberman-like game. That's mean you are a little colored man in a random maze (but with no exit). There could be up to 4 players online here. The goal is to win 5 cups. To do this you have to hit other players with bombs you can drop. The bomb can help you to destroy the bricks walls too, in order to expand the maze.

While you are playing, you may find some power up to help you, more bombs drop capacity, more speed or more bomb efficency...

And all this run in your browser, using some HTML 5 capabilities and especially THREE JS library for rendering the game. It's also the first time I try to do a multiplayer game.

TIP: No one is moving and some players have already some cups? Restart the game by pressing the Echap key.

PLEASE NOTE: This humble game is available as is, it's playable but still with sharp edges because I may continue to develop on this. Besides, it is not intended to be a reference, I developped this game to learn and I know it is a lot perfectible. You may experience some bugs, especially if your internet connection is slow.

There is only one instance of this game, that mean only 4 players can play simultaneously, other connected players could watch the game, and if a player left, you could take his place.

Enjoy ;)